The A.S.T.E.R.I. moves dynamically through the active participation and contribution of citizens, businesses and other actors to achieve its goals.


Our mission is to know, protect, enhance, expand and participate in high quality enrichment educational, recreational, cultural and sporting community programs.


We strive to provide conscious education in a safe and supervised environment for children and young people at school, in sports teams, community integration, physical activity and social / lifelong skills.

To fulfill this mission, the ASTERI Association will:

Encourages the educational achievements of pupils and students
Involve children in activities that support the wider school community
Develop life skills such as responsibility, problem solving, confidence, teamwork, goal setting, anger management and work ethic
Provides a safe environment for youth
Promote health & wellness awareness
Develop relationships between managers and teachers
Develop relationships between different races and genders
Promote the creation of an environment full of joy and happiness