Lead: ActionAid Italia, Italy;
Partners :

  • ECOS- Cooperativa de Educação (Portugal)
  • Cooperação e Desenvolvimento CRL (Portugal)
  • UC Limburg vzw (Belgium)
  • A.S.T.E.R.I. (Greece)

Project summary: the aim of the project is to promote civic and social competences
among young people by strengthening school and local community centrality. The 24
months’ intervention is expected to promote an integrated model of education and
civic participation blending formal civic education and proper civic engagement. The
action will target 4 “school communities” in 4 European countries (Belgium, Greece,
Italy, Portugal) working at individual, community and institutional level – through a
coalition of actors involving students but also adults, CSOs and corporate sector, in
order to set a dialogue with institutions and show how influence them in a democratic
and informed way.

The project consists of four main phases sustained by cross-cutting activities:
  1. School Labs activation and implementation: a participatory process focused on the
    school organization, in order to identify needs and challenges and then advance
    common solutions.
  2. Community Labs development: it follows similar working principles of the School
    Labs, but at a larger scale, and using more advanced methods in order to engage the
  3. Testing community solutions: the most voted solutions in each City will be tested
    and validated at the local level. Students will lead this activity and they will assess if
    the proposed solution really meets the needs and expectations of the community by
    organizing Local audits and interviews.
  4. Dissemination and advocacy: this activity is aimed to advocate the project key
    messages of active participation of students in the social and political life of their
    community, at local, national and European level.


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