Drawing contest CREATIVEATHOME

Drawing contest

Drawing contest for children up to 14 years.

«”Superhero doctors and nurses winners

in the fight against the COVID-19» #creativeathome

All humanity is fighting an unprecedented battle with a tiny and invisible enemy that has spread all over the planet.

In order for each country to prepare and deal with this situation, governments asked the citizens to stay at home and respect the guidelines!

This “war” has many peculiarities!

In hospitals doctors, nurses, and all the staff as true Superheroes, fatigued and determined, fight the big battle! They do not wear capes and glittery clothes but medical aprons, masks and gloves to protect themselves and the others.

How do you picture this fight?

How do you picture a doctor feeling, every time a life is being saved?

Free your mind and let your imagination go! Draw the optimistic and triumphant outcome of the battle with the coronoid!

With your drawing send a thank you note and a message of hope to all the people who help us overcome this difficult situation!

With this action we want to entertain kids, have them create and rise consciousness from a small age!!


Children up to 14 years old from all over the planet can participate in the contest.

Each child can participate with a single drawing.

Any common painting tool (paintbrushes, wood paints, markers, charcoal, pencil) can be used.

Digitally designed files using ready-made clip art etc will not be accepted.

Works with pre-printed figures will not be accepted.

Scanned as well as photographed drawings should be sent by 19/04/2020 to both e-mails simultaneously:

diakrithentesathlites@gmail.com and  asteriprojects@gmail.com or by message on our Social Media page: Asteri ORG

All projects will be published at www.seeda.gr & www.asteriorg.eu  with the aim of creating a digital exhibition.

All participants will receive a participation Certificate electronically

Winners in categories 1-7, 8-11, 12-14 will win extra prizes.

Artists Evi Kirmakidou, Socrates Pinzas & Lazaros Pantos support the action and will advise the small artists.

* Parents are kindly requested to keep the works submitted for the contest so that upon the expiry of restrictive movement measures we will try to achieve a natural painting exhibition with all children’s work

With regards

Dr. Tanya Kyriakidou

ASTERI Organization President


Rabea Iatridou

SEEDA President