Sport and especially team games are an important part of our lives whether we are spectators or participants.

But to be healthy and to participate in any sporting activity, we rely heavily on the environment. With billions of people around the world engaged in sport, promoting environmental awareness through sport can make it easier to reach environmental sustainability goals.

ASTERI started in partnership with the Department of Public Relations of the
University of Piraeus, the EURO GREEK SPORTS initiative.

The Initiative includes Seminars, Conferences, Action around Greece and the “Act Green or Go-Home” awareness campaign with 4 Awards in candidate categories.

Participants and Candidates in the Awards are those who apply good practices and share them with us

For 2019, the Awards include the following categories

Sail Green or Go-Home

Score Green or Go-Home

Train Green or Go-Home

Run Green or Go-Home

The objective of the initiative is

to train,

to cooperate,

to exchange ideas and

to make suggestions and partnerships that will train the next generation of sustainability practices for entrepreneurs and leaders.

We believe that with this initiative we will adopt ecological habits, acquire environmental standards more efficiently and thanks to the athletes and celebrities that will promote the action we will all help a better and significantly healthier environment, for a better planet.

Sports is joy, triumph, pain, tears, losses, wins, emotions and all the things that are important to us.

We invite Athletes, Fans, Athletic Groups, Federations, Athletic Facilities, Sports Construction Industries and generally all Athletic Activities to work with us and participate in the initiative.

With Support