Jeans 4 All


A.S.T.E.R.I. Association started the implement a novel recycling campaign with strong humanitarian and environmental character entitled: “Jeans 4 all”. The aim of the campaign «Jeans 4 all», collection of used jeans, which after a freshen up are donated to families who face economic problems.
This initiative started in 2014 together with the members of the Historic Vehicle Association of Northern Greece SIAVE, scientists, businessmen, actors, singers, athletes, journalists and politicians who donated their Jeans.

With the campaign “Jeans 4 all”, participants transform the idea into positive energy and humanity. Based on statistical research one (1) out of four (4) families with children under 17 years, is facing serious financial problems and is forced to deprive children from goods considered data in Greece.

Many young people experiencing this problem in their family they get isolated from their peers, some even leave school and one of the reasons is their appearance. The jean, classic and timeless garment is a registered trademark of adolescents and young people, helps socialization and protects in a way, any sartorial contraction in relation to their peers.

We invite all those who wish to “clean up” their wardrobes to keep their jeans for reuse!! Collection points with specially designed boxes will be found in participating Municipalities. Teams can register and organize their own collection and win several prices. For further information please email us at